Top advantages of a self-managed superannuation fund


What is a SMSF retirement fund? A SMSF retirement fund is a way for people working in Australia to save up for their outstanding retirement. The usual practice is for employees to turn this type of fund into a savings plan by type they contribute with a percentage of their salary along with their employers contribution.

Self managed superannuation funds, required by law In Australia

n the year 1992, it became mandatory by law that every Australian job should have a retirement scheme in place where the employer contributes …

What Do You Need To Know About A Self Managed Super Fund?


SMSF are really quite popular today. There are now millions more interested in these super funds than ever before but unfortunately thousands don’t know too much about them. They aren’t too difficult to understand and it will be important to know a few things before you dive into them. So, the following are just a few things you may want to consider before setting up a self-managed super fund and investing also.

SMSF Are Supposed To Be For Your Pension

A self managed superannuation fund is really there to …