Top advantages of a self-managed superannuation fund


What is a SMSF retirement fund? A SMSF retirement fund is a way for people working in Australia to save up for their outstanding retirement. The usual practice is for employees to turn this type of fund into a savings plan by type they contribute with a percentage of their salary along with their employers contribution.

Self managed superannuation funds, required by law In Australia

n the year 1992, it became mandatory by law that every Australian job should have a retirement scheme in place where the employer contributes …

Don’t Get Caught Out By SMSF Residency Rules


The rise of a global workforce means more people based overseas for work leading to complexity for those who work abroad but maintain an SMSF. Broadly, there is a residency test for Self-managed superannuation fund known under the law as the Australian superannuation fund test. When this test isn’t met, the fund will lose its complying superannuation fund status and expose itself to very adverse tax consequences.

The test has three hurdles for a fund to be a pension fund.

Barrier 1 — SMSFs established 

Either the Self-managed …

What Do You Need To Know About A Self Managed Super Fund?


SMSF are really quite popular today. There are now millions more interested in these super funds than ever before but unfortunately thousands don’t know too much about them. They aren’t too difficult to understand and it will be important to know a few things before you dive into them. So, the following are just a few things you may want to consider before setting up a self-managed super fund and investing also.

SMSF Are Supposed To Be For Your Pension

A self managed superannuation fund is really there to …

SMSF pensions: How do I start one?


How would you change your Self-managed superannuation fund from collection stage to benefits stage (spouse matured 60, and resigned) and move to retirement annuity stage (myself developed 57 and as yet meeting expectations low maintenance)? On the off chance that a bookkeeper needs to do it, what expenses could be included? Your site has been an extraordinary help in comprehension things we did not have even inkling, many thanks.

We are exceptionally satisfied that you are discovering the site so supportive. For the advantage of different peruses, I’ll first …

5 Self-Managed Super Funds Questions and Answers


Self-Managed Super Funds are a great way to build up a nest egg for you to live on later in life as part of your retirement. Once you have retired, you can choose to receive a pension from your SMSF. Here are 5 questions regarding SMSF Pensions:

  1. What are the different types of Pensions?

There are a couple of different types of pensions available. The main 2 types of pensions include Account Based Pensions, and Allocated Pensions. Each of these types of pension gives you different benefits. With an …

How Competent Is Your SMSF Trustee?


A self managed super fund has become a popular option to consider investing in but you must think carefully. Most people don’t realize that they need to have a trustee for their accounts and you must think about how competent your trustee is. Now, it might not seem all that important but actually it is. So, how competent is your SMSF trustee?

No Competency Tests

Unfortunately, in life there aren’t any real competency tests and that does also include choosing a SMSF trustee. You can choose anyone to …

Why Do People Set Up Self Managed Super Funds?


Self managed superannuation funds in Australia is very popular. There are more and more people who choose to look at these types of investments than ever before and to be honest, most investors understand why. These super funds are really unusual in a sense but have the potential for great potential too. However, why do people set up self managed super funds?…

How Should SMSF Trustees Invest Their Money


SMSF is going to be one of the most popular investments for many. However, many SMSF trustees aren’t too sure how they are able to invest their money. It’s true, many aren’t sure how they can invest their money but it’s simply because there are so many choices. It’s hard to say for one hundred percent certainty where someone should choose to invest but there are some help for those a little unsure. How should SMSF trustees invest their money?…

How do SMSF’s Value Assets Which Have Gone Bad


SMSF has become very popular over the past few years and it is very easy to see why. However, it is an investment and one that carries risks, as all investments offer. For this reason, many aren’t too sure why or even if this is the avenue to consider but still millions do. What happens however, when an investment goes bad? How do SMSF’s value assets which have gone bad?…

SC Property Investment Most Valuable


Money is one of the most valuable and much essential things that people need today. Many people are interested in saving money for the future in view that they can get most use of them. But the fact is that there are a number of people who are locking their investments in some form that they cannot make any further movement of money from them. When it comes to savings, the thing that comes in mind is the savings in bank. There are a number of factors that hinders …